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Advice From You

Send in good advice you'd like to share. Add your name at the end.Every so often, we'll update this page to share what advice people have shared.

Bad Jokes

Laugh at them. Learn them. Memorize them. Tell them. Share them.

Free Learning Places

Educate yourself online with courses free of charge.

Coding Courses

Learn all types of programming languages. Progress is saved and trackable.

Build your skills with small exercises.

Aimed at beginners and children.

Free Courses

Countless subjects to choose from. Only pay when you buy a certificate.

Linked to Skillshare. Many subjects with apparently no cost.

University Courses

Free courses to study at Harvard's level.

Courses given at Stanford's level.

Enroll in courses to get certified.

Information from various universities. Easy to understand and learn.

Important Things to Know

Things that could save your life or someone else's.
Just some good knowledge to have.

Advice to Save Your Life

Tips that could possibly save your life one day.


- If you’re alone and choking, lay on your stomach, push up with your arms, then drop down. The pressure on your stomach should launch any food out of your throat.- Fill your bathtub with water if a natural disaster happens, so you have clean water. Sometimes pipes get destroyed and therefore can’t bring water to your home.- If you’re drunk, don't fall asleep on your back. You might vomit in your sleep and choke on it. Instead, sleep on your side with your head tilted downwards. (Recovery Position.)- In a scenario where you must brace for impact, going limp without tensing your muscles will increase chances of survival.- If you're trapped under snow and don't know which way is up, spit on your hand and take note of which way it trickles down. The opposite way is up.- If someone is impaled with an object, don’t take it out, as there would be nothing stopping the bleeding. Call emergency services while applying pressure to the area with the object still inside.- If you’re ever being followed, go to the nearest person around you and pretend you know them while quietly explaining your situation. The person following you will probably leave you alone if they think you’re with someone.- If you're in a falling elevator, lay on the floor with ur body spread out.- If you get lost, follow a small stream or drainage downhill. This could potentially lead to a settlement.- Slashing someone with a knife against their forehead will blind them with blood and would give you a better chance to escape. (Only if you’re in danger. Don’t just.. do this for no reason.)

First Aid


General rules for first aid:

- Never step over a body. Always walk around someone.
- Introduce yourself to the person you are aiding, even if they aren’t conscious.
- Call emergency services as soon as you can, but don’t leave an injured person alone unless absolutely necessary.

When arriving at the scene of an accident, apply the ABCs to anyone injured.

A: Awake- Check if the person is conscious. If they are, try talking to them and keeping them awake.- If the person is not awake, move on to the next steps.B: Breathing
- Check if there is anything obstructing the person’s airway.
Remove the object if one is present.
You can place one hand on the person’s forehead to help open the airway if needed.
- Check to see if the person is breathing.
If you can’t tell, go close to the person’s mouth with your ear to listen for breaths.
Face their stomach while doing so to see if their chest is moving.
- If the person is not breathing, you will need to perform CPR.
If the person is breathing, you can help them breathe better by placing them in another position, such as leaning forward or sitting up.
C: Circulation
- Check the person’s pulse to see if their heart is beating. If it isn’t you will have to perform CPR.
- Make sure there are no obstructing objects in the way of you doing this.


If the person you are aiding does not have a pulse, is not breathing, or breathing irregularly, administer CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).For an adult:
1. Place the person down on their back, tilt their head back and lift their chin to open their airway.
2. Follow the ABCs as listed above. Only perform CPR if the person is not breathing, only gasping, or has no pulse.3. Begin chest compressions. Place your hands on top of one another in the middle of the person’s chest, underneath the nipples. Straighten your arms, and push down into their chest rhythmically.
Do this 30 times.
- The beat of “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees is a good rhythm to perform chest compressions to.- You should press the person’s chest 2 times every second.4. After the chest compressions, pinch the person’s nose closed while tilting their head up. Cover their mouth with your mouth and breathe until their chest rises.
Do this twice.
5. Repeat the cycle of 30 chest compressions and 2 rescue breaths.
Only stop if the person begins breathing on their own or help arrives.

CPR on a Child

The process is the same for children, however:
- Only use one hand for chest compressions
- Begin by performing 5 rescue breaths before chest compressions.

Recovery Position

This position is for people who are unconscious but still have regular breathing patterns.
-> If the person is unconscious and is not breathing, begin CPR.
The point of this position is to avoid having a person choke on their vomit or other liquids by having it flow out of their mouth instead.1. Begin with the arms. Kneel down next to the person and take their arm closest to you.
Turn the hand upwards and place the elbow at an angle to the body.
2. Take the arm furthest from you and bring it to their cheek. Hold the back of their hand to their cheek.3. Bend the knee furthest from you. Roll the person by their furthest shoulder and bent knee so that they’re laying on their side.4. Make sure their head is resting on their hands, and open their airway by tilting their head back.5. Adjust the top leg so the knee and hip are in a firm position.


Lists of games you can try out depending on what you're looking for.

Drinking Games


Drinking Game Ideas for Movies:

- Take a sip or shot while watching a movie for:
-> Reoccuring Jokes
-> Certain characters showing up
-> Words mentioned frequently or rarely
-> Title drop
- Bingo sheets:
Look up what genre the movie is in that you will watch. Search for bingo sheets in that genre. Drink whenever a bingo square gets crossed off.

Drinking Games with Media:

- DVD Logo
(Only works on TV / Computer)
Look up Bouncing DVD Logo on YouTube.
Write the names of everyone who is participating on individual sticky notes. Place the sticky notes in random places on the device's screen.
Whenever the DVD Logo passes by a person's sticky note, they take a sip.
If the DVD Logo hits the corner of the screen, everyone finishes their drink.

Drinking Game Apps:

Available on Google Play Store
-> Drinkie (5.0 / 5)
-> Drunkin' Drinking games (4.6 / 5)
-> Picolo (4.4 / 5)
-> iPuke (4.3 / 5)
-> Drinkopoly! (4.3 / 5)
-> Do or Drink (3.7 / 5)
-> Drunk AF (1.9 / 5)
-> Drunk Potato ( - / 5)
-> 5 Second Rule (- / 5)

Drinking Games with Cards:

- Guess the suit
If the wrong suit is guessed, you drink. If the right suit is guessed, you decide who drinks.
- Uno
Whoever has to pick up 2, 4, or more cards has to drink that amount.
- Higher or Lower
Two players draw a card. One player turns their card over. The other player guesses if their card is higher or lower than the revealed card. If they guess wrong, they drink. If they guess right, the other player drinks.
- Popular Drinking Card Games:
Look up the rules to play.
-> Sotally Tober (2)
-> Gin Rummy (2)
-> Kings (3+)
-> Toepen (3 - 8)
-> Ride the Bus (4 - 8)
-> Up and Down the River (6+)
-> Horseface (Unlimited)

Online Games

Fun games to play online and websites to find more.

Online Games

A timeless classic. Keep trying until you get stuck, give up, try again another day.

You're given two Google search options. Guess if they're higher or lower in relation to one another.

Guess the 5 letter word within 6 tries.

Drawing and guessing games to play with friends.

Based on My Little Pony. Customize ponies and hang out with other players.

Nostalgic Games

- Fireboy and Watergirl
- Club Penguin
- Moshi Monsters
- Duck Life
- Transformice
- Bloons
- Run
- Bloxorz

Online Game Websites

The classic page.

Find anything you're looking for.

An assortment of free online games.

A bunch of free computer games.

Video Games

A list of random games to download and play.

- Undertale
Obvious and classic, but a hefty fandom with great fan pieces.
- Omori
Psychological horror game about trauma. Besides the mind-bending parts, this game is still wonderful.
- Cult of the Lamb
Build a cult as a possessed lamb with ominous powers.
- Potion Craft
A calming game about making certain potions at your own pace.
- Danganronpa
Investigate the murders of classmates while being held captive by a robotic bear.
- Night in the Woods
Play as Mae as she moves back to her home town after dropping out of college, only to discover how much everything's changed.
- Hollow Knight
Adventure game about fighting bosses while uncovering a greater mystery of the world.
- Spiritfarer
Help spirits pass on by giving their last days of existence on your boat meaning through nice conversations.
- Fallout Shelter
You're in charge of a post-apocalyptic vault. Take care of the survivors and go out on resource trips.
- Detroit Become Human
Androids are becoming sentient, and, in some cases, violent. Track down deviants, escape those following you, and lead the anroids to equal rights.
- The Legend of Zelda
An immersive fantasy game about a boy who must save a magical land and defeat a monster.
- Five Nights at Freddy's
A horror game about animatronics trying to kill you, a security guard.
- The Binding of Isaac
Avoid getting sacrificed to God by your parents and fight demons with your tears.
- The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe
Play as a man named Stanley who is directed by a narrator and die, only to revive the same way every time.
- The Beginner's Guide
Made by the creator of The Stanley Parable, go through games and learn more about the past of his friend.
- Fear and Hunger
Decide your fate with a coin toss as you fight monsters and randomly die from a rusty nail - all without a guaranteed save point.

Projects to start

Wanna start a project but don’t have any ideas? Here’s a list of some for a bit of inspiration.

- Make a photo album

Buy an empty album, print out some pictures, and stick them on there. They don’t have to be your pictures. They don’t even have to be meaningful. Make a cheese photo album. Print out pictures of cheese and stick them in a book. Never look at it again.

- Clay creations

Try buying some molding clay and create some things! You could make charms, figurines, highly detailed limbs strewn across the table, etc.

- Edit a video

Using your phone, film yourself acting out a script, doing random things, or anything you can think of. Use a video editing program (For example: CapCut), and piece everything together.
Some video ideas: Make a news story, do a dramatic reenactment of a scene from a movie, create a better ending for a show you watched.

- Start a website

Using a free site like Carrd or Canva, create a website. Make something educational, fun, or just entertaining enough to keep people around while you slowly take over their minds with subliminal messages ((eat toothpaste)) strewn in every so often.

- Plan a murder mystery party

Do research into how a murder mystery party works. Plan everything out perfectly. Don’t leave any room for failure. Invite your culpri- friends. Sit them in the perfect positions. Proceed with the murder. No one freaks out because it’s a murder mystery party. Pin it on one of your friends. Laugh the whole event off while everyone discusses how cool and realistic the blood looked while leaving. Dispose of the body. Eat toothpaste.

- Draw on a shirt

Using paint, customize your own shirt. Draw a sketch on the fabric with light pencil strokes before covering it in paint. Wear it around. Feel cool. Because you are. You’re cool.

Mystery Countdown

What's it counting down to? :O Could be the entire destruction of this website. Could be nothing at all.
Who knows..

    Helpful Things

    Learn new things, stupid things, and helpful things that you will most likely forget until you look it up again and go 'Ahhhhhhhhh'.

    Useless Facts

    - Flamingos eat with their heads upside down.- Google was first called "Backrub".- Penguins have knees.- Asia consumes about 90% of all rice in the world.- Cat ears have 32 muscles each.- Ants can carry things up to 50 times their own body weight.- The colour green is the easiest for the human eye to see.- A shrimp's heart is in its head.- Octopi have 3 hearts.- Only 1% of water in the world is drinkable.- Jack Black is actually named Thomas Jacob Black.- Some people can smell ants.- Naps during the day help improve memory.- The blood of an octopus is blue.- There are around 100 - 400 billion stars estimated to be in the Milky Way.- Only around 20% of all lightning strikes hit the ground.- Reading something in a strange font can help you remember it.- Beavers mate for life.- Fish cough to clean their gills.- The human foot has 26 bones.- Over two million people in the world are named David.- With each heartbeat, about a quarter of your blood goes to your brain.- Alcohol lowers your body temperature.- Stress can cause hiccups.

    Other Cool Websites

    Helpful and fun websites to check out.

    Check wheather forecasts and temperatures worldwide.

    A website that depends on people to interact with it so it doesn't disappear.

    Find out how to get rid of stains on specific surfaces and materials.

    A coding website that explains what certain commands mean.

    A website to practice learning traffic signs. NOTE: This is for German traffic signs.

    AI generated motivational quotes that sometimes don't really work.

    Add ingredients that you already have and discover which cocktails you can make.

    Design homes for free using 3D modeling tools.

    Life Hacks

    Tips and tricks to make your life a little easier.

    Ache Relief

    - Soaking your feet in hot water will help with a headache.- Pressing the space between your thumb and pointer finger on your left hand can get rid of a headache.- Pull on your ring finger or tongue to get rid of hiccups.- Saying 'pineapple' can prevent you from sneezing.- Laying on your left side helps with digesting food.- Putting deodorant on a mosquito bite will stop it from itching.- If you have a strong fever or cold, slice potatoes and place them along a folded towel, then wrap the towel around your head by tying it at the top. Have the slices close to your neck.- Get rid of hiccups by leaning forward slightly while holding your knees to your chest.- Have a bit of caffine to get rid of a headache.- To get rid of a headache, put your hands in cold water and flex them a few times.

    Cooking Hacks

    - Prevent oil from hitting you when you fry in a pan by sprinkling salt on it.- How to get perfect soft-boiled eggs: Boil water, put the eggs in, set a timer for 5 minutes and 10 seconds, then take them out.- Cut herbs with a pizza cutter.- Cover apple slices with lemon juice to stop them from turning brown.- Honey never expires.- To get a better grip ona knife, put rubber bands around the handle.- Enhance the flavor of chilli by putting peanut butter in it.

    Cleaning Hacks

    - Wash a new shower curtain with salt water to avoid it getting moldy.- Put dirty coins in a glass of Coca-Cola to clean them.- Kill mold permanently using white vinegar.- Get rid of odors in your fridge by leaving an opened container of baking soda in it.- Olive oil can remove the glue left by stickers.- Get rid of stainless steel scratches with toothpaste.- Use rubbing alcohol to get rid of ink stains.

    Helpful Hacks

    - Skip YouTube ads on the computer by clicking a video in the recommended section, then going back to the video you actually want to watch.- If you're trying to eat less, put your food on a smaller plate.- Put a paperclip on your shirt to prevent electric shocks.- If you're drunk, fall asleep in the recovery position, NOT flat on your back.- Doritos can be used as fuel for a fire.- If you need a temporary burner email, use 10minutemail.com.- Put candles in each corner of a small greenhouse to prevent the plants from freezing in winter.


    Just random slideshows.

    Updates Page

    There's much more to come from this site!

    To give you an idea, here's a list:
    - Shows and Movies (Good and Bad)
    - Gift ideas (To inspire you)
    - Assortment of random pictures (yes)
    - Bad jokes page (For any occasion)
    - Take a random test (Why not)
    - Cover letter templates (To save some time)
    - Weird history stories (For you to check out yourself)
    - Bucket list ideas (Get out there!)
    - Basic first aid (Good to know)

    And much more.We also want to include community pages!

    Some more examples:
    - Art page (Open for anyone! Not just drawings)
    - Advice page (If you wanna share some knowledge)
    - Events (Secret Santas, Fun games, etc.)
    - "Lets make a movie" (A secret project :>)

    We have a lot in store for 'Oh Yeah, That Website'. Just wait and see.Have fun :D

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